Cloth Deity

from by Miseryslims



×His golden shears hang on the wall
 next to a wiffle ball trophy that he won before they lost the war
His styles make fools of us all
tac his cuffs take his shears bind the bastard to the floor
smug apprentice theres trouble in the alley go back and lock the steel gate latch the door
Double pay for evening service
 we'll see you soon mr dior

*Kill your tailor make him suffer while i put a bath on and i'll be at home making supper i'll listen for the door bell

×Theres noone here to take your call
 dial another dimension where this never happened at all
smiling teachers laugh it off
back to your studies friendly pupil loner turned student after all
Take example from your mother no career for you here
 suddenly against you or was it all along
Think about your education
 no dream lasts for long


from Ep​.​One, released January 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Miseryslims Manitoba

miseryslims are a four piece indie band formed in Manitoba Canada in November 2016

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