EP. Two

by Miseryslims

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released August 12, 2017

Vocals/Rhythm Guitar- Brady
Drums- Wade
Bass- Simon
Lead Guitar- Randy

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Simon.



all rights reserved


Miseryslims Manitoba

miseryslims are a four piece indie band formed in Manitoba Canada in November 2016

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Track Name: Onto Elm Street
Nice guys untimely demise and you weren't bothered by the things i was bothered by
Theres always one place in the road where i think of things to say to you that are better than other things ive said to you

×You crammed that feeling in a box where you knew it wouldnt do no harm theres still some progress to kill i'd black out the library windows first

I feel i should take care of myself to mitigate the risk of death by disease or other things that wouldnt please
You in your palace of faith you place in me to be the best i can to you and gather things that you dont need
Track Name: That's All Folks
Carry me back to your house i will go easy i dont have patients for sorting out your indignation
you tame your locks and sigh
you come down here and cry
How its not inaction or lack of emotion or care at all
Leave you to your source frustration travel bored and tired escape velocity i cant achieve you had your reservations
You grind your teeth and fire
the vessel shakes you cry
i cant fix it i gotta leave this gotta leave this world
Track Name: Most Inexperienced Man
×When did you catch doubts
I never thought that you'd be leavin' in a way that bothered me
She said you look pretty bland but you tell a sad sad story
And i pretend that i care but i'm really not sorry
And now my body matches my legs again

+Geriatrics wiggle all the way home
Sun spots sprinkle cone in the corners of your mouth and on your nose
For someone who's so keen to snuggle you cause alot of trouble

×I'm not leavin she said
You're at the age where you should know my age oh ohho
So call off the funeral he's getting better you got to his head when you said deaths forever
Besides grannies spent your inheritance on shredded wheat and tiny porcelain dogs
Track Name: Spirit Chef
I hoped youd understand but thats a fair way to react though
Its to late to see you but i can due to the glow of the moon off the fresh snow
Broken taillights and busted windshield think how a number between 4 and 8 feels its to hard to stand since you let it go

×Talk all day and i hope that you've got more to offer beg to stay you said lucky you cause i feel the same we walk home together agree to live forever and have delusions of what we'd gain

Now you're back here but you dont see things the same way you used to
When you grew up in the sun living where its cold wont save you
Love suffers long but is not unkind as in I all kind will die the feeling is still mutual i'm assured
Track Name: Knights Out
Youve been trying for your better miles it was alright
Youve been trying for a long long time say youre sorry but you dont care anymore

Blue skys reflect against black ice i cant keep you satisfied and other lies all the time
Tempted master of deception i will see you again said through sighs every time

Hey so and so and where you from no its alright
He pushes closer where you from no its alright i wouldnt dare tell a soul

Blue eyes highlight glow of neon signs open after midnight get a drink or whatchu think
Tempted master of deception i will see you again said through smiles all the while