by Miseryslims

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released January 25, 2017

Brady - vocals and rhythm guitar
Randy - leads and bass
Wade - drums
Mixed and mastered by Simon, recorded in a cold cabin off a shallow prairie swamp lake in Manitoba, by Simon. Thanks Simon.
Forever yours



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Miseryslims Manitoba

miseryslims are a four piece indie band formed in Manitoba Canada in November 2016

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Track Name: The Machine Stops
×Reasons to live and reasons to love
i'm not satisfied because i think to much
in glee with budding trees you climb with aching knees
but you wont smell the flowers because the pollen makes you sneeze
I'm an imposter i worry you'll figure out
why say you love me if you are having doubts

*Fear hate and war machines input from computer screens, without you im cold and lonely, supressed with drugs so i feel cozy free of want but full of need you'll have me don't look so pleased eat my limbs below the knees
I wanna be your only squeeze

×Reasons to live and reasons to love
i'm not satisfied because i dont get out enough
sit in our seats under stars and falling leaves you pick the spot aslong as its on the beach i'm not your father although i fork it out
why say you hate me if you're not moving out

*Fear hate and war machines input from computer screens without you im cold and lonely supressed with drugs so i feel cozy
wake up in familiar rooms a thousand lives lived end to soon simulation humiliation this is now my own fixation
Track Name: Number Wunder
×Its not hard to believe that i feel alright now
its been a year since you seen me i dont wanna hear about your life now

*Theres not enough time in a day to do all the things i wanna do to you memorys tricked me to believe but you're around for ten minutes and i wish youd leave Ive seen the place weve been there before we lit a fire and we closed the door to my dismay you left the baby in the sink
×She could make you soup the onions burn your eyes out or you could order dinner something you could freeze for winter
*Horrors to see nothing kind to do all they want is to remind you
tally your points did you win today do you think you impress with the words you say
no matter the order theyve been said before -by doctors lawyers and farmers doing chores all their lives much more interesting than yours
Track Name: Lead Monitor
×Dispell dystopian heartache
 every whispered ill that you'd die now to reclaim
 i'll find a gentle place to bury your bones before you waste away
 loosen earth in hopes you'll push through
 i dream of a love enough to reanimate you

*If you could sail back through would you visit here tonight no matter how we choose we lose i will waste your time

×Dismay embrace the cruel comfort
with all you've got and all you'll ever have
as flattered as i was you'd care to comment
i worried the notion impeded progress
 stricken with guilt to know you saw it
 before it was gone who cared you lost it
Track Name: Cloth Deity
×His golden shears hang on the wall
 next to a wiffle ball trophy that he won before they lost the war
His styles make fools of us all
tac his cuffs take his shears bind the bastard to the floor
smug apprentice theres trouble in the alley go back and lock the steel gate latch the door
Double pay for evening service
 we'll see you soon mr dior

*Kill your tailor make him suffer while i put a bath on and i'll be at home making supper i'll listen for the door bell

×Theres noone here to take your call
 dial another dimension where this never happened at all
smiling teachers laugh it off
back to your studies friendly pupil loner turned student after all
Take example from your mother no career for you here
 suddenly against you or was it all along
Think about your education
 no dream lasts for long